Nobody Comes By C P Singleton © 2016

There’s a man I know in limbo town

Who sits quietly waiting for a visit,

but Nobody comes. — It’s maybe not a big thing for those on the other side.

They make their excuses as they climb into their cars

To drive off to other’s doors,

Quite forgetting the sacrifices made,

Never seeing the tears spilt in the heavy silence of Sunday and

Blissfully unaware of the black curtain that falls across tired eyes.


Each new week and month passes slowly,

to find a new piece crack and fall

and gather at the bottom of the mediastinum and


Nobody comes.


I tell him to let go.

That he needs to realise it’s not personal.

He says to wait until it happens to me.

That I’m to remember him when I begin to stare at phones that don’t ring and doors that never open and

Then I will know that,

Nobody will ever come.

CP Singleton

via No. 3088 — Madstoffa’s crunchy house!